It’s Spring!!

With spring comes home maintenance projects.  Doing these yearly will help keep you on budget, and could save you a costly repair down the road that you didn’t see coming.

  1. Spring cleaning isn’t just a saying, it’s the time to do a deep house cleaning.  Time to shake out the dust and allergens that have been holed up in your home all winter, and let the fresh air inside.  Sweep and vacuum all floors, vacuum all upholstery, linens, curtains and even lamp shades.  Spring is the time to get off the couch and finally get those cobwebs out of the corners, and off of the ceiling fans.   A when you get a nice sunny day in the spring, think about washing the windows.  A big job, but so worth it to let all the sunshine in.
  2. Perform a roof inspection. Depending on your area of the country, winter can be harsh on roofs. This inspection can be done by a professional.  If you choose to do it yourself, be careful, have someone along with you, and take appropriate care to stay safe.
  3. Your siding needs a good cleaning. Get the power washer out, and give it a good going over.  Once again, the winter will have left dirt and grime behind, and you will be surprised how much better your home will look.   Plus, this will give you’re the opportunity to really take a good look at your siding, and see any issues before they get out of hand.
  4. Don’t forget your gutters and downspouts. Winter can be hard on them, too.
  5. Last but not least, summer will be here before you know it. If you can’t live without your air conditioning, spring is a good time to get it inspected to make sure it is good to go for that first hot spell.


Rising Temperatures

Summer is on us, and that means rising temperatures and giving our air conditioners a workout. Our air conditioners, like our homes, need preventative maintenance in order to continue to run efficiently. At first sign of use, or damage, take care of the problem. Most issues will not resolve themselves, contrary to what we hope. This is good advice, and not just for your heating and cooling. Roofs, walls, floors, all can benefit from some care so that they last long into the future. Remember, your home is a big investment, tend to it on a regular basis.

Check out your basement

We just had a short, but strong downpour here at Cardea Construction Company. One minute nothing but hot and humid, the next, downpour. Then as fast as it came, it ended.

My thought for the day, check your basement. If you have one of those ugly, “I don’t go down there unless I have to” basements, you might not be aware of changes that are occurring. Changes like dampness, leaks, even mold, if gotten to early on can be fixed. If left to their own devices for an extended period of time, it will cost you a whole lot more to repair. So, note to self… do go down into your basement on a regular basis and keep track of what is going on down there.

The growing family

Here in Michigan, our weather can change on a dime, sometimes even change on a penny! Your home needs can change, too. One day, it’s just you. The next day, you have a family. The next day, empty nesters. And all through these changes, the one constant is your home. With a little planning, it can accomodate, and enhance every stage of your life.

Consider the basement. Once relegated to dark, damp and dank. Used for fruit cellars, coal shoots, storage, and other mundane things. Today, basements have the potential to add an amazing amount of square footage to a home without eating up much, if any of your lot. With a bit of planning, a basement can transform itself into wonderfully useful and attractive living space, and improve your life.

Check out those down spouts

You have noticed our Michigan cool, wet Spring?
Have you noticed your down spouts and how far from your home they extend?

Ten feet is the rule: move rain water away from your basement and foundation walls to keep them healthy & dry. (Even plants need the soil their roots are in to dry out from time to time.)

Ice Dams

If your home has ice in your gutters or hanging from your eaves you have want the remodeling industry calls ice dams. These can melt into your rooms below and damage your ceiling, walls and furniture.
They occur from snow melting into your metal gutters which turn water to ice. The melting snow continues with sun shine and escaping house heat. The water backs up under your roof shingles, each night freezing again.More melting means potential entry from roof into your living space.
One way to solve your issue is removing the snow build up soon after the snow storm is over.
Another way is better ventilation and insulation over those wall/ceiling joints.

Cardea Construction Company has years of experience helping folks like yourself solve and repair ice dam problems. Be sure to visit us at