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Opened up the floor plan of this condo. Now the kitchen seems spacious, with lots of great storage, and even better– they have views outside from everywhere. See more at Kitchen W-3

A small house, small kitchen. Totally revamped, walls taken down. This kitchen is part of a whole house remodel and addition. To see more, check out the 2015 NARI Home Tour.

Once a “galley” kitchen, we were able to remove a structural wall to create a kitchen large enough for multiple cooks and a perfect place for entertaining. Not only that, we were able to integrate natural stone for the owner who is a geologist.

And the dining room, which lost a little space in the renovation, is now used more than ever.

For many more pictures of this kitchen remodel, see this kitchen remodel page.


Another kitchen project- finished to the joy of the owners. See more at Kitchen W-4


Cardea removed the wall between the living room and the original kitchen, combining spaces visually and making for a more useable kitchen and better experience. The layout required new flooring, cabinets, appliance, counter, plumbing, fixtures and lighting.

See more detailed pictures of this kitchen renovation this portfolio kitchen-N1 page.


Check out his beautiful makeover. see Kitchen D-2

w1kitchen10kA graceful line of kitchen cabinets, appliances and the owner’s tastes created this large kitchen. A wall was opened to connect the kitchen space with the dining room. Owners selected us as their repeat-remodeler-contractor because of our 18+ year relationship with them.

See more detailed pictures of this new kitchen renovation, portfolio kitchen-W1.

Kitchen revamp providing lots of extra space, shelving and room to work and entertain. Kitchen D-3

You can create miracles even in small kitchens
kitchenp4Small eating area (which wasn’t used) became incorporated into a kitchen with more space, counter, storage, and a better work flow.

For more information and pictures of this kitchen renovation, see our P1-project

Open, more storage and display area, plus a place to relax. Look at more images of kitchen S-2

The owners said they didn’t even enjoy feeding the dog in their cramped, dark kitchen!
Covington We designed with them a new first floor, removing baring walls, soffits and other barriers between living room, dining area and kitchen. Now family and friends can talk, cook, and share together like never before! Features include an energy efficient two drawer dishwasher, solid wood cabinets with unique interiors including specialized spice compartments, Corian counters, custom porcelain back splashes, more!

For more information and pictures of this kitchen remodel, see our C1-project

Down with the walls, open up the space, add more counter and work space. Make the kitchen a place for conversation as well as cooking. Look at more images of kitchen L-4

A green remodel & kitchen-addition

From tiny (50sqft) to this new kitchen of more than 200 square feet that we designed, with our clients, to create space to entertain, cook together or sit and watch the wildlife in the back yard. A ‘green remodel’ we used ‘smart building’ techniques and sustainable products including natural lighting through sunlight tunnels, wood flooring, wood cabinets and natural tile back splashes.

For more information and pictures of this kitchen remodel, see our Green Kitchen project

CollistonThis 1950’s era home was completely renovated, beginning with the cramped kitchen and laundry room, then throughout the house and out to the garage. The cramped kitchen was transformed into a well-designed working / entertaining room. The granite counters, cherry flooring and “floating” cherry cabinetry add a drama and warmth. The wet bar with a 5′ wine cooler invites guests to gather around.

The cherry, granite and ceramic finishes are carried into the three bathrooms as well. The modern “necessities” of an exercise room, convenient laundry and storage spaces required a 1st floor house and garage extension – with new touches even in the garage.

DickenThis 1970’s home had a kitchen separated from most of the first floor. With many ideas from the owner, we developed an open kitchen plan uniting the kitchen, living room and dining room. This allows the family to remain connected as they entertain, prepare meals or move throughout the first floor.

Cherry cabinets, solid surface counters, stainless, under-mount sinks low voltage under-cabinet lighting and wood floors are just some the features.

AbbotAn addition– Space between the house and garage is now a diner’s delight.

Good design makes a place for everything, and everyone. This 1950’s home reinvents itself with a modern, updated look: sleek maple cabinetry, wrap-around granite counters and multiple dining areas in the new kitchen and the spacious, enlarged dining room.

BarringtonThe original, worn-out kitchen in this George Aire built home received our total make over with Maple cabinets, “green” natural flooring & lighting, energy star window and appliances, no VOC paints. We maintained the budget with a fresh style of vinyl counter.

FranklinOur clients brought us back year after year until their whole house was renovated. Their kitchen is a basic galley style with dining area at one end. Space was so cramped even some of the soffits had to remain to accommodate upstairs plumbing. We disguised those soffits behind cabinet panels. The rest came out for some of the most space efficient cabinets we’ve designed: even the area under the base cabinets was used for a step ladder. Custom cabinets, counters of Granite and Oak flooring are just some of the features of this finely designed space. Years later we returned & installed a beautiful stone back splash.

Another green kitchen-addition
5thThe back yard was where the kitchen now sits. This kitchen addition was the owner’s plan from the day she & her husband bought the home. Years later we joined with her to design-build their kitchen, back porch, large mud entry and hall. Every detail possible went into creating spaces that blend seamlessly with the rest of their Victorian home.

Custom ceiling high cabinets with inset doors and a butler’s pantry give storage space most of us only dream about! Thick 2×6 exterior walls, high R value insulation and radiant heating under the wood flooring bring energy efficient ‘green’ techniques and comfort subtly to this Victorian charm.

IslBGWhere a one person kitchen existed now the entire family can enjoy and participate. And the cook can enjoy being a visible and interactive part of family life! We removed a baring wall & enlarged the actual floor space of the kitchen. New everything from an energy star window, better lighting, wood flooring, custom Maple cabinets, Granite counter tops adorn this family life center.

kitchen2Our clients had used up the lifespan of their original 1907’s kitchen. Together we design-built with attention to their love of porcelain floors and granite counters. More storage space came with some soffit removal. The custom wood cabinets are adorned with porcelain back splashes that complement the counters and floor. New lighting brightens even our darkest winter days.

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